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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  November 22, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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♪ start with cookie dough. ♪ add frosting. [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] then sprinkles. [ both giggle ] [ female announcer ] fun. easy. [ child ] wow. [ female announcer ] at breaking news out of washington, d.c., a guilty verdict in the chandra levy murder trial. >> a short time ago they found the suspect guilty of two counts of first-degree murder for killing the modesto native back in 2001. levy's mother says it does not relieve her sadness. >> i'm not sure it's a sense of peace but i tell you it's
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closure. i have a feeling that my daughter is with me and i can speak her voice -- >> her disappearance made national headlines after she was go linked to gary condit. police arrested the suspect who is suspected of attacking two other women in the same park. his cellmate told authorities that he confessed about the killing. >> they evaluating the tough new security. either by virtual scanning
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machines and terry mcsweeney joins us from san francisco international airport. >> the word out here this morning, the additional security measures are slowing things down for some. it's kind of interesting that the protests of those security measures could slow things down for everybody. >> for them, the additional security this thanksgiving visit with his 91-year-old mother in memphis has been postponed because of a lent think pat down. >> he took all the gloves and changed the gloves a few times. and he pat me down inappropriately. it was pretty discouraging and very disruptive. >> the patdown search and body scan are drawing complaints from some. they are both part of the beefed up security procedures which came in response to the underwear bomber that hid a explosive device last christmas day. the complaints have caught the
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tsa administrator who is hinting at a change of strategy. >> we're constantlyvoflg to address the latest dlets to intelligence. if it means that we need to adjust those procedures, i'm open to that. >> if there is no change in tsa procedures, a group of travelers is calling for wednesday the day before having that, to be opt-out day. they want travelers to opt out of a body scan and insist on a pat down leading to long lines. >> the people choose opt out because they are trying to slow down the process, you might feel bad for the people wanting to get home for the delays. >> almost all the travelers we spoke with the new measures are not much different than the old security measures. >> we didn't have any pat down or anything like that. so it was easy to take our shoes off and that was it.
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no special anything. >> it's going to be interesting to see what happens as a result of the planned demonstration on wednesday. i can guarantee it's going to be busy out here with or without any demonstration. this is an airport that is coming off of the busiest month, busiest october it has ever had last month. many complaints continue to roll in about the new policy at the airports. a retired teacher from michigan says he was had you mile yiatd on a recent trip after be a encounter with airport screeners detroit. tom sawyer says the bag that holds his urine burst while during a pat down. >> he didn't apologize for anything. i just think he was trained or he didn't know what a bag was. these people need to be trained on medical conditions and emotional conditions of some
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patients. this was shot by travelers using a cell phone. it shows a shirtless little boy at salt lake city airport on friday going through the pat down to. travelers waiting on line were outraged but a tsa spokesperson says he set off a metal detector and the boy's father took the shirt off himself. >> showers are moving through the bay area ahead of a cold snap. >> we had some wild thunderstorms saturday night. lightning bolt striking the bay bridge caltrans says it struck two towers simultaneously. >> and it brought snow to the highest peaks, this is what mount hamilton -- there we go, we missed that but we do know that at least two feet fell in the sierra. this is video from the caltrans traffic camera. >> showing highway 50 at myers and chains are required on both
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80 and 50. >> we're watching scattered showers, let me get out of way so you can see all of live doppler, heading down to hayward you can see marina boulevard, he is pairian boulevard, some light rain falling right now. it's all sliding to the southeast and move through the east bay hills and towards pleasanton and into union city, fremont, possibly mount hamilton over the next hour or so. we have more showers developing up around sonoma county. these are going to slide down to the southwest. we have scattered showers in today's frequent. a heavy shower tonight and the possibility of freezing temperatures in your forecast. a toddler has died after falling 50 feet from the downtown staples center luxury
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suite shortly after the lakers basketball game. the boy is believed to be two or three years old. he died earlier today at a los angeles hospital. the boy fell from the top tier of the suites. it's not clear how he fell over the wall. >> in east oakland, police are investigating a shooting that killed an 18-year-old boy and injured three others. all four victims were shot neither 12th avenue. each was taken to a local hospital in private vehicles. 18-year-old person of oakland was pronounced dead on rival. the other three victims are expected to survive. it was the third shooting in oakland in less than six hours. in total there have been 74 fatal shootings in oakland this year. last year it was 93 deaths. despite the drop this in homicides. oakland remains on the list of the misdangerous cities. st. louis toppled the list. oakland round out the top five.
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it's been ranked sixth. for the second straight year the second was the city of new york. >> police believe a man wanted for the home invasion rape of a young girl in berkeley over the weekend is no longer in the bay area and may be head for mexico. an arrest warrant has been issued for omar sosa. they say he entered a bedroom and assaulted a young girl. they credit the victim for giving the information they needed to identify the suspect. >> it's because of a very courageous victim. she has been very cooperative in assisting us and we put the pieces together with her help. >> police say sosa may have injured his hand during the incident. he is believed to be driving a gray fort ranger with a double cab and white camper shell.
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>> oakland will begin deciding who will receive one of four permits to run massive medical marijuana farms in the city. they expect the permits to go to the wealthiest owners, each permit will cost $211,000 each year. city records about 200 groups have expressed interested in the licenses. oakland will be the first city in the nation to license wholesale pot cult vague. >> live and well in south bay how volunteers are helping the growing need this season. >> and we'll go live to the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld making the thanksgiving holiday a little bit better for the less for the national. need is very great. the line started out the door before the giveaway begin. >> it's more than we ever tried to do. we see folks lined up around the corner and hear the stories that the economy is turning a corner but from those lines i don't believe it. >> the need is great but donations are way down across the bay area. to give you an idea, second harvest food bank it's only
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collected about 10% of the holiday fund-raising goal. >> if you are headed to sierra for the thanksgiving holiday, a check shows a snowy scene as showers move through after this weekend's storm that left people without power and gas. live in colfax to show us what is happening. >> this is about 2400 feet elevation and it's raining here but couple miles up, it was a different world, up to five feet of snow is in and around blue canyon. this what you look is 5,000 feet elevation where drivers are forced to slow down to 25 miles per hour in a 65 zone. obviously less than half the speed they would normally be going. snow is taking a toll on area gas stations, electricity is out
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in several spots, that means no juice for the pumps and no gas can be had for 20 miles. some tow truck workers have been pulling out people for the past two days and some say it's the worst storm they have seen. >> i haven't seen a storm like this. this is one of the worst ones i've seen, this quick in time, three days and we're snowed in. >> it could get worse. a spinouts being the major concern, a lot of people going off the road and to get back on the road to be towed, average cost is $300 and average cost for chains is about $100. so it's easier to buy them down below at $30. make sure your four-wheel drive is working. a lot of people finding out they
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don't. thanks a lot. >> definitely got to gags up and bring your chains. >> it is getting colder up there. as is our forecast and we have showers to track not only today and tonight. once that passes we'll talk about fog for thanksgiving. >> and also first in the nation, new measure in nation that have drug companies say that all of us would have to pay more for prescription drugs. >> and barbara bush has harsh criticism for sarah palin.
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we're talking about all the snow we're seeing. >> look at that. >> no, not yet but there be se tonight but at higher elevations as it is in the sierra. show you what is going on in heavenly. this is beautiful shot, 5800
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feet, beautiful picture of all the snow. two and a half feet of snow and another feet to two feet on the way for tonight. congratulations for the ski resorts and for those opening soon. this is the storm we needed. bring it back home, some of the sunshine and some of the cumulus clouds that are trying to develop. some of those will build to a great enough depth and have enough moisture to drop a little rainfall. any other picture where that is happening, that would be live doppler hd, guerneville, all the way up to sea ranch and a few scattered showers in the north bay. but with the prevailing wind out of northwest, those are going to slide down to the south and east across the bay. still going to be a day full of wet weather from time to time. here we are up in the sierra and you can see the snow showers continuing. those will only pick up in intensity during the evening and overnight hours. low to mid-50s in most areas with plenty of cloud cover, 46
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in los gatos and monterey bay and inland, mostly cloudy sky. scattered showers will continue today but heavier and more widespread as we get our last push of wet weather. coldest lows will be thursday and friday, may set records where we're going to keep an eye on frost developing. warmer afternoons thursday, friday and saturday. anything would be warmer than this. mid to upper 50s, 7-9 degrees below average mixture of sunshine and clouds and occasional showers from time to time. look at the radar and much greater in scope. that is why we're going to see the heavier rain tonight. snow i would say mount hamilton for sure. as we into motion, some smaller scattered showers, cold front is coming from the arctic and you can see the rain increase through tomorrow morning's
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commute. that going to be a tough one. by 1:00, it's out of here, temperatures won't be any warmer this afternoon. thursday, friday and saturday, once the high pressure sunshine will modify the air mass and it won't be quite as cool as it was today. as far as rainfall amounts, quarter to half an inch out of this system but out of sierra, one to two feet above 7,000 feet. 8-14 inches at lake level through 4:00 tomorrow. that would be in the afternoon. seven-day forecast, temperatures on wednesday afternoon will be the coolest. some of us will be in the 40s, some of us in the low 50s and then modify that arctic air mass on friday. thursday and friday we'll be near 50 and chance of showers rolls into saturday night and into sunday but nothing like we just saw, the lightning show over the weekend. netflix is raising its
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prices, they say netflix monthly fee will increase a dollar in january to under $10. that is for current members, new members will be charged the higher price right away. they say they will be switching the focus of mail delivery to dvds to streaming video because more people are watching movies online. wall street liked it. netflix surged by 7% today. >> san francisco city supervisors will consider a proposal that drug companies would pay for dispose will of unwanted drugs. they offered the proposal saying that right now most drugs are flushed down the toilet and tossed in the garbage. drug companies are fighting the plan. if it is approved it could mean much higher prices on medication for all consumers. similar programs have been attempted in all states but had he all failed under pressure from pharmaceutical companies. >> barbara bush doesn't think
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much of sarah palin's white house aspirations. in an interview scheduled tonight. she says she likes palin but she says the former governor should stick to her home state. >> i sat next to her once, i thought she was beautiful and i think she is very happy in alaska. i hope she stays there. >> in an interview last week with barbara walters, palin says she could beat president obama if she decided to run for president in 2012. >> coming up next, will they be wearing spandex. >> the debut fade weigh the stars and what the first performance wi >> all new oprah's ultimate favorite things part two! oprah: josh groban and johnny mathis and -- open the box, joe! >> the final "oprah's favorite thththththththththththththththth
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today at 4:00, part two of the bay area woman donating all the luxury items she got. >> and a new study showing that i grow up digital you are likely to be a distracted student or worse. then consumer reports comes out with their new lists. we'll have those stories later today at 5:00. >> and one is making debut on abc show tonight. >> jonny mosley. >> he will put on ice skates to compete. >> i talked to him satellite between le hers always. he is keeping his costume a secret. >> you are going to be wearing
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spandex? >> i don't think i'm wearing spandex for the first show. we're doing a tough guy routine. you'll have to check it out. they originally had me in jeans but i heard jeans are out. so far, i don't know about the spandex, sequins, i'm sure. >> it right after "dancing with the stars". they can wear anything, de ninl. >> it should be good. >> a couple of his moves are kind of cool. >> and we have skating weather, cold. >> enjoy the snow if you areñcññ
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